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Full Version: 25 of The FASTEST ROAD Cars EVER MADE
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25 of the Fastest Road Cars Ever Made

The 100 Hottest Cars of All Time: http://www.msn.com/en-us/autos/enthusias...?ocid=iehp

From The Porsche Carrera GT: Top speed: 205 mph Slowest Of The 25

To The Bugatti Veyron Super Sport: Top speed: 267.9 mph The Fastest

You Know, I Don't Use Drugs, And Once In A Great While I'’ll Have A Heineken.

And Rarely When Shit Gets Me Down,. ....OR I Just FEEL The NEED FOR SPEED.

I'’ll Take MY BABY Out Somewhere, (Open And RELATIVELY Safe) Put The Petal To The Metal Hit 145mph And Get An Adrenalin Rush Like You Wouldn'’t Believe!

And I'’m One Happy M''’FKER While I'’m UP THERE! Actually, For Most The Day, Up On A Cloud.

But To Climb In One Of THESE BABYS! And Hit 225mph++ !! SHIT!! .. If The High Didn'’t Kill Me…. The Speed Probably Would!! LOL J/K.
NOW THAT Was BADDDDDD!! Asssssssssssss!!

He Hit

60mph In1st Gear

100mph In 2nd Gear

160mph in3rd gear

200mph in 4th Gear

240mph Immediately Upon Shifting Into 5th

THEN Topped Out At 270.49mph!

And At 200mpg Showed You "€œIN" The Drivers Seat. THEN Switched To 3rd person View AS "SEEN FROM" The Drivers Seat For The Rest of The Run, Topping Out

ALMOST ALMOST Gave Me That Rush I Thrive On.  But Nothing Like The FEEL Of Being Slammed Back In Your Seat!  When You Pop That Clutch!