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Full Version: Ban appeal....
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What was the date and time you were banned?

7/6/2015 5pm'ish?

What is your ingame name?


Who do you think banned you?

kronnis (good guy, I think he was fed wrong info)

What were you doing?

i was flying toward the carrier whilst in the midst of a bombing run. Three min before that, some guy with the clan tag of 617 accused me of attacking him on the carrier with a jet. But in fact, he was half way between land and the carrier. 617 was also a known complainer throughout the time we were on. My best guess he raged and typed i was breaking the rules in team chat. Now, i have unknowingly broke some rules in the past but have since learned the rules and have not broken them since which may have contributed to the decision. I will be more then happy to answer any question on here or pm. Thank you for your understanding.

What server were you banned from?

A. Dalian Plant

[8/5/2015 7:27:25 PM] SYSTEM Banning player {omega}extreme, for using bad language -> *§1DEAD§0*DAFT C**T U ATTACK ME

Clean up the language. Ban lifted.
ahhh, That makes sense... Thank you for the lift. Apologies to kronnis i assumed he banned me because he was the only admin on in that small amount of time.