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Full Version: *R|A* STEAM "Under Constrution" (*Please Excuse our Mess!*)
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[size=undefined]*R|A* X-Fire Member List[/size]

- [size=undefined]Turn on your X-fire whenever you are in the server.[/size]

- Go to Sign up for the X-fire clan Roster at http://www.xfire.com/communities/ragingangel/ and Press the "Join" Button to have all clan members added to your list.

- Change your X-fire nickname to at least include your *R|A* tags so we can find each other easily. See #6 for directions if you need help. http://raging-angels.com/showthread.php?260

[size=undefined]High Admin----BF2CC Administrator Access----[/size]

Mooney = mooneyman9696

Corona = coronaextrareplyall

Detroit = detroitiron440

Tbencs = majorshrapenl

[size=undefined]Senior Admin----BF2CC Learner Access (Limited CC access)----[/size]

Boss_Warrior = ksmudde1

NMCB17 = nmcb17

Rick816 = rick816

[size=undefined][b]----BF2CC Simple Access ( VERY Limited CC access)----

Dupi = dupi2000

Pyro = pyro20892

WXScan = wxscan1

__________________________________________________ _________________________


[size=undefined]----Simple Admin Access (Warn,Kick,Ban)----[/size]

coldxwar13 = coldxwar13

|||NoLove||| = daskine

KillerDragn = killerdragn

Kevin1471 = kevin1471

remorce123 = remorce123

KillerDragn = killerdragn1

caponejr420 = caponejr420

GNARsBOOT = gnarboots14

jmc77 = jlmc77

CaponeJR = caponejr420

NayPaulm = mmaatt747

Fun4_Cards0 = fun4cards0

BoB_La_Plotte = battlefield16

majortoubuddy = majortoubuddy

PHXX/Danelo = phx0

[size=undefined]---Basic Admin (Warn and Kick)----[/size]

Fatboy = fatboy429

Locoyo = locoyo73

c}{opp3r_pwn3r-3 = acesnipa3000

Kronnis66 = kronnis66

LtAce36 = ltace36

notquitegoodenough/Tuney = notquitetuney

Azerbaijan = azerbaijanbaku

kc9gjy/SabreSoup = kc9gjy

Marcus = azaeros88

ogrider333 = ogrider333

kc9gjy = kc9gjy

[size=undefined]----No Admin (Active members)---- [/size]

Wekillsforfun = wekillsforfun

the_psychoboy =

[size=undefined]----Junior Members---- [/size]

DandeloJR = phx0

simsey22 = simsey22

[size=undefined]----Inactives (Reason Acknowledged)----[/size]

badass1013 = badass1013

xTheSeekerx = d2lords7

RedBullHigh = TobaccoWaterPipe

USAFighter = USAFighter2007

PrivteRyan = privteryan

K1llAnGeL1 = k1llangel1

GotItFromEbay = gotitfromebay

livetohuntyou = livetohuntyou

elpikiman = picudito

Aprilius = Aprilius

[size=undefined]----Inactives (M.I.A.)----[/size]

omibot = omiboy

Bastardrat72 = Bastardrat72

ucyi1 = howar62573

(CLiPs)shock-n-awe = zzzshocknawe

freebird5049 = freebird5049

benopen72 = benopen72

Moqtada = moqtada

Topnotchtexan = topnotchtexan

eman169ka = eman169ka

ChrisSync = soapscum07

HitherAndYarn = HitherAndYarn

yellowcivicsi = yellowcivicsi

ruckdog = ruckdog

samuelhorn999 = samuelhorn999``

SwampFox = swampfox5000[/b]
I have updated this information at the top. Everyone please go and add yourself to the X-fire clan roster at the top. I will stop bugging you the sooner we are all on it.
This list has been updated to include all current members and what level admin they have.

If you're on the inactive list and you're active (meaning you come around atleast twice a week or more than 4 times a month) then post here and let me know.

If you're in the No admin section and you're active suck it up, cause you did something stupid to have your admin taken away or you're too new to have received admin yet, our you've been inactive so long your admin was removed.
Bumping for easier viewing access.
Very excited to be a member
Very Excited To Be A Member is probably the longest Xfire name I've ever seen. Big Grin
LMFAO :facepalm:
updated 2/23/12
*R|A* {ATC}71
Posting for: rick816
Here is my Xfire name....

denneyg =DenneyG
xfire name is *R|A*Wekillsforfun
*R|A* marky324
Posting for: thepsychoboy
*R|A* suck-it-up
[THC]oO-woozy-Oo -> woozzyy
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