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Full Version: Appeal
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Hello all,

I hope you are well.

What was the date and time you were banned?

Unfortunately I got banned from your server at around 03:15 (GMT) time. So about 30 minutes before posting this.

What is your ingame name?


Who do you think banned you?


What were you doing?

I was having a discussion about the past with Wompacat (In Squad Chat) and I said a naughty word (as what we were discussing brought back a few angry memories). I apologise sincerely. The word in question is one which I and other Londoners use fairly commonly in a jokey sort of way. It's not as offensive here as it is in the U.S.A. However, I will of course not use it in future if you were to unban me


Your Battlelog ranked BF2 server.

Kind Regards,

Banning player 5tarLine, 8e8d722428b319d7f5db281b60db822c, for using bad language -> I'M NOT GOING TO BE TALKED TO LIKE A C**T

Fix your potty mouth.
Unbanned and closed.

Thank you for approaching this in a polite way. As you see, Mooney has lifted your ban. You are a good player in our server and I enjoy your game play. Please be advised there are several words that will get you auto banned on the server as you just recently observed. Please review the list on the below link so you can take note of it and make sure it doesn't happen again. See you in game.