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Full Version: Got banned for ''suspected hacker'' even tho i'm not
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Just got banned 10 minutes ago on Dalian Plant Super Maps Server for nothing... was flying in chopper and shot a guy once with tv Missile and then i got banned for suspected hacker...

can you unban me ?
Since this is NOT an official un-ban request, I am going to ask you a few questions about yourself.

#1. Do you play under the alias "Wolf|Sandro"?

#2. Do you play under the alias "==[GONZO==]"?

#3. Do you play under the alias "FsK|Konfuzius"?

#4. Do you play under the alias "frozen fish2OOO"?

#5. Do you play under the alias "DIESEL GYANDARGNO"?

#6. Do you play under the alias "[cMc] Sandro|v4"?

Do you recognize any of these names and if you use any of them to play under?
Hi thanks for answer, yes i do, but just Wolf|Sandro and pikeman. Banned with both but i don't know why on my Wolf|Sandro account.
On pikeman it was for ''suspected hacker'' after few minutes in chopper even tho I've never hacked in my entire BF2 game.
Well when you are on 2F4Y you use a makro and you have to turn that off when you join R|A.

I know you Euros dont think using a makro is cheating but it is.
Oh okay I will turn it off then.

Well yeah I think it's no cheat especially when I'm playing with 100+ ping.

So can anyone unban me please ?
Please ignore DjBattlefield as he is NOT an admin here and should not be responding to this thread.

So I want you to think long and hard about this before you answer again. You play under pikeman or [cMc] pikeman AND Wolf|Sandro , but NOT [cMc] Sandro|v4 who played a lot in 2v2. Is that what you are telling me? Also you don't recognize or do not, and/or have not ever played under ANY of the other aliases? Do you or have you in the past played under any other names?

Once again, please think long and hard about your answer to my questions before you answer back.
Yah. No other accounts.

But I do have played under the alias [cMc] Sandro|4 before Gamespy shut down tho.

If macros are not allowed in your server I will of course turn them off.
Thank you for being respectful and following our rules in the server, but at this time we have decided to keep you banned since we just can't trust you to turn the macro off. Please find a different server to play in. This decision is final and will not be discussed any further.
oh wow nice admins