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Full Version: 1969 Charger 500
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Even "I" Didn’t Know This About The 69 Charger “500”


 I Have A 440 In My 69. Boy Can She RUN! I Remember When I Added These "Big Meaty" Mickey Thompson Wide Slicks. On The rear. The 440 Has A Ton Of Power. We Used To Drag Race Out By Selfridge Airport Base At Night. I Would Break tork =foot on the breaks petal to Metal (try Doing That With Three Petals And Two Feet! ) Wink burning Rubber Like A M’fker Waiting For Her To Drop her Scarf. ...Then Popped The Clutch And Blew Out The Fkin U Joints! Moved A Whole TWO INCHES!! LOL! To Much Meat On The Cement And To Much Power Under The Hood. Totally Sheared The Two In The Drive Shaft Off!  Those Fkers Are “Pressed IN” Two In The Drive Shaft And Two In The Gear Case Rear Axe. Try To Replace Them In The Middle Of An Airstrip At Night Without The Right Equipment? IS A MOTHERFUCKER to Say The Least.  BUT As A Young Dumb Macho Kid With The Need For Speed, Needless To Say After Replacing Them Three Times I Finally Wised Up.

She’s Still Stored In My Buddies Barn In Mt Clemens = Detroit.
She's Been Waiting 18 years For Me To Come Get Her And Totally Restore Her,
To Her Former Beauty ........  One Of These Days.  

Thinking About It? ....
I "KNOW" She's One Of "MY" Baby's!! Shy .....  No "WOMAN" Would Wait That LONG!!

9 Race Cars SO Good They Were Banned:


 9 Race Cars SO Good They Were Banned 
Good find. How well I remember the Muscle Car era. A pal of mine and I built a 1969 396 SS Camaro for street/strip use, and it was bad ass.

Another pal and I built a Ford 390 in a '64 Galaxie, and that sucker was unbelievable. That car was so big, I think the front bumper arrived at the gate about an hour before the back bumper.

I had a '69 Cuda 340 special (rated at 335 BHP, but it was clearly more powerful). SOB could run right past any GM 350 I ever saw, and could hang with that 396 Camaro I helped build. Ahhh, the days when you did not need an IT education to be able to work on Detroit's finest!!
Yes Those Were The Days My Friend! I Could Just Imagine What A 396 Would Do In A Little CAMERO! Shit That's The Stock Engine They Put In It's BIG BROTHER The Chevell SS! Bet THAT Was A Fun Project Squeezing It In That Engine Compartment! And I KNOW...... She Turned Out To Be A SCREAMER!!

And Speaking Of: "the days when you did not need an IT education to be able to work on Detroit's finest!!" SO TRUE Now I THINK About IT Had The Drawbacks: Some Of The Car Guys In High School Days Made Good Money Working On Them And Quit School Early And Or Never Wanted To Further There Education Because It Was "COOL" To KNOW All About MUSCLE, I Remember The Auto Mechanics Class ALWAYS Being Packed. And The Drafting Class (I Took) Only Half Full All Three Years. I Would Have Easily Been Pulled Into That, If It Were Not For The Fact I HATED Getting Grease/Oil Under My Fingernails! Because It Took Scrubbing Forever To Get It Out. They Didn't Have Liquid Orange Back Then. (because of that One Little Quirk) Its Amazing Because Things Like That, The Different Paths You Choose, The Direction Of Your Life Changes. I Know Some Of Those Guys Are STILL Grease Monkeys To This Day. Not That Its A BAD Occupation. Just Makes You Realize What Other Paths? I/You Chose That Brought Us To This Point In Our Lives. ..... No Matter What!.... LIFE IS GOOD!!

AND You Had A "69" CUDA? BRO!?!!.... FKIN "A"!!!! ... Another KILLER FastBack! ...... Ahhhh Yes Those WERE The Days!!