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Full Version: Ban Appeal
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Ban Appeal
Can't log in to server. Get message "Banned for excessive team killing".
Last time played Aug. 17 at 5pm
rick816 was playing at the same time.
I am curious how this happened as no team killing occurred while I was playing.
Please correct this error.
Thank You
Jambo, you are correct about there being no team killing at the time. You were a one man team, playing against me and another very experienced player.

Here is why you were kicked: BANNING!!! jambo2112 SUSPECTED HACKER! APPEAL AT WWW://RAGING-ANGELS.COM

Another Sr. Admin was watching the play - Boss Warrior - and he banned you. He and I were talking to each other via VOIP while you were playing.

The series of events that lead to your ban were that you were one player, on one team, and there were two of us on the other team, two VERY experienced players. It was noted that a) you were capping flags MUCH faster than either of the two of us could, b) you were being transported from outpost to outpost MUCH faster than either of the two of us, though we were all 3 in the buggies, and c) you were pulling down tickets on the two of us as ONE player, when we were two players.

In short, we do not believe that what you were doing could be done without modifying your game in some manner. We are not sure HOW your game might be modified, but we feel certain that what you were doing could only be accomplished thru modification.

I have been playing against you for a number of years now, and I know (first hand) how good you are. And I have always respected that ability. I have always enjoyed the challenge you present. However, I had to agree with Boss Warrior when during game play you were doing things that in our opinion could only be accomplished by game modification.

If you have another reasonable explanation, I am open to review it. So is Boss Warrior. Until you respond, the ban will stand. Ultimately, Boss Warrior will make the initial decision. If you disagree with his decision, then appeal, and the Senior Admins will discuss the situation, and make a determination.
The other two players on the opposing side each had their different flag neutral BEFORE yours and were in the process of capping them, and you were able to neutralize your flag AND cap it more than 3 seconds faster than the other two players were able to cap theirs. This is not possible unless you have modified the game in some fashion. This means you were able to cap a flag almost 5 seconds faster then the other two players at a MINIMUM.

This was observed as you were able to consistently keep flags capped faster by yourself than the other two players combined. I know you are a good player, and I have figured out your game play, but still have not figured out how you are always able to spawn at the right location, and cap flags faster than all the other players do. There was another player on your side, but he was observed AFK in the uncap, so he was not helping you in any way. When he was playing, he was merely flying in a jet and only had 4 points from two kills.

If you have some light you can shed on this we would be open to hear it. Us admins will discuss this and let you know what our outcome as soon as we decide.
I really can not believe what I am reading. To suggest that I somehow modified the game is ridiculous. My computer is 8 years old running Windows XP. To set up my email I have to watch a youtube video. Modifying the game is light years beyond my computer skills. It's bad enough to accuse me of something i did not do. Even worse to punish me for it. I give you my word that I am not using any game hacks or modifications. Please lets get back to what we all love to do and play BF2. Cheers, James (jambo2112)
Hi, Jambo, a number of the senior admins have discussed this, and we will remove your ban. I think virtually everyone we have banned has claimed they do not have the knowledge to modify their game - and I am not implying you are being less than truthful. Just a fact. So that is really not why we are removing the ban. None of us has ever heard of a 'flag' hack, frankly. As it turns out, the code modification to do it is quite intensive and would change the time for everyone, not just one player. So, you are off the hook. Smile

We apologize for the error on our part, and look forward to seeing you in the server. BAN LIFTED!!
Jambo2112. Thanks for bearing with us on this issue. We wanted to discuss this behind the scenes and see what the issue might be. It was only a temporary ban until we had the ability to discuss the situation among the admins.

I even said "If you have some light you can shed on this we would be open to hear it. Us admins will discuss this and let you know what our outcome as soon as we decide." We wanted to see if you had any input on the issue which you did not.

Thanks for your response. I also play on a old rig using XP so I know what you are saying. However, I don't need to watch youtube videos to set up my email. See you in game.