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Full Version: Ban Appeal
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Hello RA,

I'm appealing a ban for player name hacefrio. I believe the ban to have taken place 1/12/17, 3pm EST, for the reason of purported hacking. I have never hacked in the many years of visiting your server. If I breached a rule, I apologize for I was unaware of said rule and will be more mindful if the ban is lifted. What I do remember is being in the server for less than 10 minutes, in a jet, and getting a few normal kills. I believe the RA member of JEFFERY ? was present within the Dalian server.

That's really all the information I have, thank you for your consideration,

Hello Dan,

While we investigate this a little more will you please give me some more information about yourself. What part of the country do you live in, have you ever had any previous PB Bans before, and what other aliases have you played under before? Do you have multiple accounts that you have under your name?

Please give me a little more information while I do a little more research on this.


Boss Warrior
To be honest I don't really remember if I've been specifically PB banned before.. I've been playing for about 10 years. I believe in the past I've had other accounts maybe one called 'craftymerchant' but the vast VAST majority of play I've used 'hacefrio.' I can guarantee I have never hacked however.

Also in regards to the admins who were present at the time, I'm not positive who was in the game but when I checked the server list aprox 20 minutes after the ban, I recall seeing a ' RA jeffery' in the server list. I had no interactions with admins during the brief play time so I can't really point to a potential accuser, but I caught a glimpse of the top ticker saying "banned for hacking suspicion" before I was booted.

edit Oh and I play out of Massachusetts but used to play in NY.

Thanks for your time, boss

    You have been banned from our server due to a previous P.B. ban that was Closed/Denied by Punkbuster. I'm sorry, but we can not lift the ban at this time as there is evidence of prior cheating and we do NOT allow that in our server nor do we allow players that have been caught cheating into our server.


Boss Warrior

This is unfortunate. A few things..

1. I do not recognize the guid g3idrrtcw. That seems like a mistake
2. I do not live in westwood ma, and if I'm reading your tool correctly, the tags =d][b=hacefrio pre date me even living in Massachusetts and an associated ma ip wouldn't make sense.
3. I have not hacked, not ever, not even for "multihacking ?" 8 years ago as your tool suggests.. I think a statute of limitations would be appropriate for this accusation.
4. To say I've been caught cheating assumes you have personally managed the prior transgression in question and reviewed actual evidence. No, you're merely assuming that because there is one record from PB that I was hacking. You really can't think of anything that would hint a false positive? PB is historically very finicky, though I am not an expert, myself and many players have had issues with PB.

I understand your point of view however for future disputes I suggest you reevaluate your procedure and tools, you are wrong and I don't know any other way to put it.

Thanks, Good day.