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Full Version: Ban Appeal
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Hello. I have been banned.  I attacked the carrier...  There were a small group of people playing and raping us so I returned the kindness.  Apparently when I did it the admin was watching.  Sorry but it is very frustrating when no admin is on to remedy the rapers. Please lift my ban.

Rick is the one that banned you. Just because you don't see admins in game, does not mean that we are not in game or watching. Be careful how you play or you might get the ban hammer on YOU. We might also just be watching in CC, so please post a short comment in game reporting who is breaking the rules and we might just help you out. Please don't respond by breaking the rules also as that might get you in even more trouble since we KNOW you are aware of the rules.

That being said, your ban has been lifted and I see you are already back in game. Happy gaming.

Boss Out.