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Full Version: *R|A* Application
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What state or country are you from?      United States of America...!! Smile

What is your BF2 or BF3 player in-game name?    Ricko276 (and BF4)

How old are you?    47 years young!! Smile

What is your xfire username?    N/A   sounds familiar...

What is your First name?    Rick

Will you be able to donate?    yes....

What other clans have you been part of?     Theoutsidersclan

Why do you want to become an *R|A* member?     I really enjoy Dalian Plant so I play on the R|A server a lot. I have actively recruited players to give the R|A server a try while playing in other servers. Not overtly, but certain players in squad chat/VOIP. I want to see population growth on the server. Since I like the map/rules/server and some of the friendly R|A members it would make sense to finally submit an application.  Acquiring admin privileges to assist with ensuring fair gameplay would be a welcome benefit as I frequently play when there are no admin online. This would also benefit the other players in the server who have to endure the rule-breaking instead watching them disconnect.

Do you have any previous pbbans?     No

Please explain here    N/A         

If you have any other questions please feel free to ask.

Thank you for your consideration,

Hi Rick,

Thanks for applying to Raging-Angels.

The initial review period for new applications is 48 hours during which time I will look you over for any Global Bans.

Once your recruit tags are on, we will post your recruit application on a private forum for members to discuss your recruitment and eventually decide your fate.

For now, feel free to browse our forums, learn the rules [URL="http://raging-angels.com/showthread.php?2025-Dalian-Server-Rules-Shortcuts-and-Explanation-Updated-05-04-2011"]here[/URL], read and follow our code of conduct [URL="http://raging-angels.com/showthread.php?3-*R-A*-Code-of-Conduct"]here[/URL], play on our server and get to know other *R|A* members.

Please look back here often for updates and thanks for applying and good luck!
Hi, Rick,

I have reviewed PBBans and all checked out fine.

Please feel free to now put on recruit tags,*R|A*r. You can look here http://raging-angels.com/showthread.php?tid=3332 to see how to add them on to your player name.

Over the next couple of weeks if there are no major issues, I will advise you to remove the "r", at which time you will become a full clan member.


Hello, Rick, I have good news!!

I have read some good things about you so I will approve your application for full membership.

We have also conducted the Welcome meeting. You may remove the 'r' from your tags.

Welcome as a full member of Raging-Angels BF2 Clan!
why did I not see this a week ago...? lol Thank you for the 'promotion' to full member!! I will remove the 'r' from the tag.

Thank you again,rick816

Bravo man