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Full Version: Ban Appeal
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Ban Appeal.
   Hi, RA
     I’m banned from your server.  
   “Banned for excessiv taem killing”
What was the date and time you were banned.
   2018/03/09         2300 Swedish time  (I think its 1700 east coast time)
What is your ingame name.
   I did not play at my regular account.

Who do you think banned you?
   Not sure,I think it was kronis.
What were you doing?
   Would be grateful for a answers why?
Best Regards
=FU= defaultPlayer(SWE)
Freelancers Union
You were banned under suspicion of hacking. This is being reviewed and we will respond shortly. Do you have anything to add?

Hi again.
Just to clear things out.
(If it were not you boss who banned me, then it's ok, I'm waiting)
But one week and no explanation from the admin who banned me.

Was there a permanent ban on suspicion of hacking without an explanation?

Or is it still under investigation?
And in that case, Is there any chance to put an end date.
(eg last march or similar?)
If you not find anything that binds my account to hacking, cheating or glitching to that date ,vill you then lift the ban?

And to facilitate that, I'll answer any questions regarding my account or game history.
By the way, I played quite a lot on your server before, It’s hard to remember names and year. But I remember Pinkgirl was a member when I started playing on your server, so around 2011 and onwards.

For the last three years I have played at 62TOF karkand and most often in teamspeak with admins.

And =FU= has zero tolerance for hacking, cheating or glitching
(I have been a member since 2010)
The clan tag is some sort of guarantee that you do not cheat.
I suppose it works the same in your clan

So why start cheating now and on your server?

Regards =FU= defaultPlayer(SWE)

Translated with google translate.
I will go ahead and lift this ban. You are free to play on the server again.
Thanks Boss.

And in the future I will play under my regular account on your server.