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Full Version: ban appeal
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What was the date and time it was prohibited?
I was expelled yesterday afternoon

What is your name in the game?

= Band = MenAtWork

Who do you think forbade it?

I do not know

What were you doing?

shoot my partner and cure him
Well, to expedite your appeal I went ahead and looked in BF2CC for your ban. I have found that both of your accounts (chocanosuncion 10/08/2016? and =band=men at work 03/08/2018) have been auto-banned by BF2CC for racist/foul language. I can see what language was used and they are both approximately identical. Can you think of anything that you may have said (typed in game chat) that wouldn't be appropriate?
The ban is for using the word 'NIGGER' in live chat. We will not tolerate the use of racially charged language on this server. If you do it again, your ban will not be lifted. I will lift this ban, but you have been warned now in the strongest possible terms.