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Full Version: Ban Appeal
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The link shows the video of yesterday's game, the administrator gave me a ban on the Hacker - LAME GTFO, watch the video and draw conclusions, the administrator's words are shown at the end of the video

1 ) 01 .07.2018 (23:00)
2) Kra5av1n
3) hellidude2
Reason: Hacker - lame GTFO - these are the words of the administrator (all this can be seen on the video)
4) I just played and did not break the rules
The admin who banned you was Detroit-Iron. He will get back to you soon.
Several items I saw from your video.

1. You pad raped the Reactor pad TWICE. (Against the rules)
2. You shot down a transport with a jet when the opposing team had no flags. (Against the rules)
3. You destroyed a boat with a jet when the opposing team had no flags. (Against the rules)
4. You strafed the carrier when you had absolutely NO REASON TO BE THERE. (Against the rules)
5. TURN OFF THE LARGE TEXT. Its arrogant and annoying.

You responded that the server was "Boring". If that's the case then why do you want to be unbanned on a boring server?

As for the other, I will let Detroit respond.
As noted, your video shows you breaking several server rules. Please be aware we will not allow continued breaking of our rules.

This ban has been discussed by our admin team at length, and we are removing your ban effective immediately. We will pay close attention to how you play in our server, and hope you will be a frequent visitor who respects our rules in the future.