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I Ran Across This In An Old Folder..... When I First Started Experimenting / Learning The Aspects Of Adobe Photoshop CS5. Never Did Finish It. But Thought Instead Of The Trash Bin, I'd Post This  For Shits And Giggles . THIS IS How That Big Dog Rickster Hits The Rumble Yard.!!!  When He Ready To Get DOWN!! And Kick Some Ass!!!  [attachment=207]
LOL when they say "Bring it!" rickster "Brings ALL OF IT!!".
I don't think I had seen that before.  If I have, I forgot it.  Nice work, Detroit!
LOL ... A Product Of The Learning Curve....I Have 3 Folders Full Of Shit I Was Experimenting With, On You.
I Recall Sending You The Finished "Rickster"  Logos. Avatars And Icons.
Just A Thought, I'll Upload Almost 4 Gigs Rickster Experimental Folders To Cyberspace And Send You The Key To Access MEGA. You Can D.Load Any Of It If You Want.  OR Not. And It Won't Be Taking Up H.Drive Space Wink On Either Of Our Rigs.  I've Got ( 4 ) 2 & 3 = Tb H. Drives Just Full Of Shit In The Gunslinger Rig. Trying To Clean Up Some Of this stuff...   Anyways......Catch You In The Rumble Yard BroSssssssssssssss!!
The "GUNSLINGER RIG"? LOL Looks more like some cyber-command control center! BTW ssd are on sale with prices dropping. These are the 'older' ones like I currently have. They are making room for the newer M.2 and those NVME M.2 (prices dropping too) cuz that IntelOPTANE is DA-SH*T.
I've Six Rigs On My Network And They Have To Be Named "SOMTHING"!! LOL !

Thanks Ricko .. A Year Ago Tiger Had An Huge Enormous sale On Seagate TB H.Drives I Couldn’t resist!. Just Didn’t Have The Time, And Finally Finishing Up  Loading Them For Two Rigs …  The Dakota And The Gunslinger ...A Fkin YEAR!
I Have Two 500 GB SSD Seagate FireCudas One In Each Rig "C DRIVEs"
All The Rest Are 2tb & 3TB Barracuda Storage Drives,

Of Corse The Gunslinger Is My Main  "GAMING RIG" And The Dakota "My Previous Gaming Rig" Is  Now All Bf2  Shit. "CC" Is Loaded & All BF2 & BF3 Games Bad Co. Mods Accessories, Icons  Etc. Etc... 2nd rig I Can "Watch EVERYTHING:"  Going On  In The Server. Along With A 500 GB SSd Seagate H.D.  For MY "C" Drive. And Use The T,B. Drives  For JUST STORAGE. I'm Probably To Anal For This, But Personal Preference. I Have Separate Drives Loaded For My Contractors CAD Programs. Contractor Building Plans Etc.
And Separate Drives For The Family Picture Slideshows I Create Etc. Etc.
As I Mentioned,
I Just Didn't Want THIS Shit Gunking Up THAT Shit! LOL Wink  
So, When These Drives Went On Sale From Tiger I Couldn't Resist. Really Killer Deals.

         TWO SSD" 500 GB Firecudas For The "C Drives. ONE In Each Rig.
         TWO 2TB H.D. Barracudas One In Each Rig  
         TWO 3TB H.D. Barracudas One In Each Rig  "Back Up Drives"
     And TWO LG DVD Burners In Each Rig... Total OF FIVE DRIVES In Each Rig.
These Are The FIRST Two AMD Builds For Me., I've Been INTEL Man For Years,
But Pricing Out The Components was Almost 1/2 The Cost! Of An Intel Build. I Thought WTF!... I'd Try AMD.

Running This Shit Is:
          PROCESSER: AMD A6-7400K Radeon R5 6 Core 2C+4G 3.70 GHz
          DDR3 RAM 8.00 GB
        & Win 7 Pro 64 SP1
I'm Only Getting 5.9 Windows Experience Index Rating Sad
Dual Graphics: MOBO Runs 1st Monitor) AND AMD Radeon R7 200 Series Graphics Card I Bought. Good Inexpensive Card. Runs 2nd Monitor
Not Like The Rockets I Usually Build .... But The Cost Savings Was Tremendous Comparatively! And Actually Pretty Decent Rigs!
Yeah, I saw that one pic you posted and I was impressed! Smile   Sounds like a lot of storage. You can OverClock that 7400 'K' processor. You can download a free program that will help you do that without risking damage to the processor. (thats what I use).   With that much storage your RAM seems a bit low for accessing LARGE files/programs and that begs the question as to what SPEED your RAM is i.e. 2400MHZ...?  I am using 2133MHZ DDR4 and waiting for my 2800MHZOC to arrive along with the 'needed' 970 EVO NVME 500GB. I have been looking at this solving my 'lag' problem and the costs on these has dropped tremendously. (predicted to drop even further in 2019 by 'a lot' more).  If you do much video/large file loading this may be the direction to go in for the future. Just check compatibility with your MoBo.  2800MHZ RAM seems to be the 'sweet spot' according to all the test results I have seen. Anything more doesn't provide a discernible difference FOR GAMING. Since I am using the original RAM and SSD SATA that came with this machine an upgrade shouldn't hurt to try out. Again, the cost is much lower than the GPU upgrade I have been agonizing over. BF2 being a 'CPU Bound' game this test may be helpful to me. If it was a 'MANTLE' game like BF4 and so forth a GPU would be the most likely way to go. If I am buying it you can be sure the prices have dropped !!! lol  Unfortunately intel OPTANE is not compatible with my MoBo Sad

OK      so it seems quite clear "I stand corrected".    Son-uva-Gun   I was doing more 'research' and found this guy's YOUTUBE channel.  NOW he shows some USEFUL info!    check out this guys videos on RAM and SSD comparisons.

https://gaming.youtube.com/watch?v=WcAb7...ture=share                                       This is the RAM.

https://gaming.youtube.com/watch?v=OjWUG...ture=share                                       This is the SSD.

Guy has some 'tube-in skills'.
Quote: You can OverClock that 7400 'K' processor. You can download a free program that will help you do that without risking damage to the processor. (thats what I use).
I Use Asus GPU Tweak With 4 Different Over clocking Profiles Modified / Geared Towards The Application I’m Running,  

Where Do You Purchase Your Components RICKO?,,,,I Shop Both. Newegg and Tiger Direct.  You Can sign Up For NewEggs Promo Codes. And Tigers E-Blast Deals And Will Be E-Mailed  Monthly Deals / Discounts / Specials For Extra Savings.Wink
I shop online and seem to always find myself at newegg.com  I don't purchase A LOT of stuff or very often.   Oh i also go to Fry's electronics as there is one near where i live. I actually get the majority of my stuff from them. 

According to what I have been reading on sites like AnandTech and Tom'sHardware etc  prices for stuff I am interested in will be falling further in the new year. Its tuff to decide to build my own rig from scratch (they invented torque wrenches  and 'ez-outs' for guys like me ) or go with another pre-built system.  When you need an updated mother board you pretty much need a new everything else too.
Let Me Say This Ricko! Most Everyone Has A set $$ Amount There Willing/Going To Spend On There House, Car/Trucks,... PC’s= General Or Gaming Rig…. Whatever… Just A Bit Of Time Matching Compatible Components To The Mobo =1st Component. You Can Almost Double… Your Upgraded Components On The Finished Rig Compared To A Pre-Built. A Bit Of Electronic Knowledge, Actually Just Common Sense! By Building Your Own!.

The Best Bit Of Advice I Can Offer You (If I May) Especially If It’s Your First Build IS: Keep The Torque Wrenches, Screwdrivers & Hammer In Your Mechanics Toolbox.!.. With Patience And An EXPENSIVE Pair Of “KID GLOVES” You Can Derive An Enormous Amount Of Gratification, And A Higher Quality Rig (Component Wise) Upon Your Completed Build.....  But Remember.  You Can Build An Airplane OR The Fastest ROCKET Your Money Can Buy.. If You Have A Common Or Shit Internet Connection.... It Doesn't Matter HOW FAST Your Rig IS Wink
I am famous in my circle of old jeepin' buddies for snappin' off bolts and crushing pan flanges... (THATS WHY YOU USE A F*%KN' TORQUE WRENCH RICKO'!!! NOW WHERE IS MY F*%KN' EZ-OUT KIT...?!?!?!).   When I get in a tower to install RAM or a Card I get REAL nervous...
ROFFLMFAOFF!! Kid Gloves Buddy, Kid Gloves.... Just Patience.... You'll Do FINE!!.... BUT! Be Warned!! Don't Think For A MOMENT Because You Got A NEW RIG!!
That You Can Kick MY Ass In The RUMBLE YARD!! Wink
Actually. I Was Thinking About It. I Could Help You Getting  Started Putting Your First Rig Under Your Belt?
We'll Start With A Barebone Kit That You Gould Build Upward To Your Specifications. From There
IF You Would Like?....  PM Me With What You Would Want to Build. The Total $$ Your Willing To Spend.
And Any Component Preferences To Your Liking. And Your Time Frame (If Any)

NOW Its A GIVEN!.... The Fastest Rocket For The Most Inexpensive Costs. What I'll Do Is Start Researching Tiger & New Egg
On What's Available  And YOU Can Go From There On Purchasing The Kit And Components.

The One Thing I Would Like You To Be Aware Of IS. With The Speed Technology Has Been Advancing. Although Its Slowing Down A BIT.  I've Build Some Turbo Charged Rockets That Were Obsolete Two Weeks Later! With The Advance Of Newer Faster  Components Being Built And Put On The Market. Anyways Up to You. I Don't Have A Whole Lot Of Time. But Could Get You Started In The Right Direction And Help Answer Any Questions That Might Arise During Your Build.
(12-29-2018, 08:09 PM)Detroit-IRON Wrote: [ -> ]ROFFLMFAOFF!! Kid Gloves Buddy, Kid Gloves.... Just Patience.... You'll Do FINE!!.... BUT! Be Warned!! Don't Think For A MOMENT  Because You Got A NEW RIG!!
That You Can Kick MY Ass In The RUMBLE YARD!! Wink

HEY,BRO"!!!!!!!!    I THINK you need to sell some storage and invest in some internet card... LOL  I see your ping swing more than the stock market has been lately!!!

yeah, thanks DETROIT for the offer of assistance. 

What I am willing to spend on a new rig for a soon to be 14 yr old game.  (the price for victory can be high... I'll pay it).

What my wife is willing to ALLOW me to spend on a new rig for a soon to be 14 yr old game. (when the kid was playing bf2 with me it was 'priceless' to her...Kid has since moved on...).

What I have available to spend on a new rig for a soon to be 14 yr old game. (family comes first...  you know the drill).

I keep talking about building a new gaming rig. I 'research' various parts and watch component prices fall :Smile Not sure what a new rig will actually get me for such an old game.

I played against a guy a few months ago braggin' on his 8700k at 5.0ghz and his 1080ti.    1 v 1 he was no doubt faster than by approx. 1/8 - 1/4 second. Enough that he could kill me easy if I didnt sneak up on him.

When more players joined the server that advantage he had disappeared. I stomped him and haven't seen him since. I know enough to realize that no matter what I have the internet/server/the way online games work etc contain enough variables that I can't buy my way to #1. 

My plan is thus...

upgrade a few components in my current rig such as RAM (150)/ SSD (150) and then a new intel gbe lan card (120). Possibly a new GAMING ROUTER (380)and return this comcast provided 'gateway'. Components that I can carry over to a new rig should I need (be allowed) to get it. 

My problem is some kind of lag that i experience seemingly only in bf2.  Maybe *R|A* would relocate the server to Seattle where I would ping about 8ms...? lol save me a few bucks!

As I have a new processor  8086K (that I won in an Intel sweepstakes :Smile ) Then I would need to get new:
MoBo - 200 - 300

Liquid Cooling - 130

GPU 600

PSU - 65     

Full Tower 180  (with fans  no RGB)  I want to keep my existing rig for other uses. 

1TB SSD for storage  150

at this point for a couple hundred bucks more you can buy a prebuilt with even better components. For me its a 'head-scratcher' I don't feel the need to BUILD MY OWN rig. 

I think my mouse (razer ouroburos) and monitor Asus 24" 144mhz/1ms  are probably plenty good for next couple years. 

So the real deal i suppose is that even I have a hard time forking out a bunch of cash to build a new rig for BF2...  If I had any interest at all in the newer games that pretty much require a cutting edge rig to be a top competitor I could see the point. Maybe I should set my sights on gaming BF2 in 4K? LOL By the time I figure it out the newest system on the market today will be in the bargain bin at newegg or tiger LOL

I'll keep you posted tho.
I Do Hear That!! Bruth'a! ..  Don't Know Who your Carrier Is. Are You Familiar With IP6 ? That Would Solve yOUR Problem! 
i Built These Two AMD Rigs  prior to moving to eureka I Was In Yuba City, I had just completed building my shop 
Had Comcast Installed, And I was Screaming 50Gb's ++ IP6 To Chicago ..I Moved Up Here to Eureka And LUCKY To Get 80mbs Down 6mbs UP! with ip4!... NO FKIN NET UP Here In BFE!..... Though YOU Should Have IP6 Hops from Seattle? .... any WAYS ....
thats interesting, you say 50GBPS?

Heard of IP6 don't know yet what it is. 

Comcast is my ISP.  I get (last checked a week ago) 240mbps  D/L to and from comcast chicago.  I only get 11-13 U/L speed as all residential customers do. They probably do a lot of switching/hopping over that distance and time of day can be an issue i haven't isolated.  Now I am 'guaranteed' 100mbps D/L to this desktop no matter what my wife and kid are doing. I wouldn't know how to get around comcast in our area. We have 'FTTN' or fiber optic to the node service with the node being only 120' from the house. From the node it reverts to the same old coaxial cable... ;(

The 'spectre' and 'meltdown' security patches had an effect on ALL CPUs connected to the internet and a bigger effect on SERVERS. This is according to microsoft and google. Google developed a new patch that is supposed to have barely any noticeable impact on performance and is expected to be deployed spring 2019. 

I am going to look into this IP6.   I DO NOT HAVE A GAMING ROUTER! that could play a bigger role than I want to admit. If you check out the link earlier i this post on RAM you'll see that it does have an impact on gaming. I was always under the impression that it did not after the game was loaded.  

I pause that video periodically throughout and look at the differences between the otherwise identical systems.  The time between frames due to RAM speed is small but real. In addition to the other more obvious performance diffs. 

Maybe BF2 just doesn't like me...
If you have comcast, most likely you have IPv6, but you do not know it. Your connection should have been upgraded, assuming you have the latest gateway. The new gateway is 500 MBps (I think), but not all connections have that capability. I think it will handle up to 1GBps as ;that comes online. If you have an old gateway, the new one is free. Just get an internet support person on line, and ask them to check out what you have and what is available. They will ship you a new one if you don't have it, and you install it and send the old one back.
Gaming routers are a scam. That is all.
wow guys, thanks for the help. I'll look into that with comcast rick816. I may be due for a new gateway. yes we do have the 400mbps service, but that is only good to the closest hub. It works tho.   

As far as the gaming routers, mooney. That would be a relief. I dont want to feel the need to spend close to 400 bucks on one. I dont know much about the internet/routers. I am sure comcast provides us with decent ones, but not the very best.  My internal network card or gigabyt / lan ? Intel makes a real good one for about 125.00  that is PCIe .  

WINDOWS  10 is probably the biggest drain on my poor old system. Having that as my OS  shouldn't be overlooked.
I'll tell you what a Charter troubleshooter told me when I had him out because I was getting less than advertised speed. TP-Link is trash. Asus and Netgear are pretty good. But if you want a router you never need to mess with again, get an Amplifi mesh system. I'm used to having to troubleshoot routers for a couple months before they're reliable but this thing has taken no maintenance since I plugged it in.

I have just the router with no mesh points because my house isn't huge and it works good enough.

So for less than $200 you get a gigabit router that switches you between bands automatically. And it has a touchscreen and cool app. If you have spots in your house where it's slow, get a mesh point for $100 and plug it into the wall and it becomes an access point.
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