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Full Version: pls unbanned
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hola  como estan todos soy lobo714 de  xfg nos gusta mucho jugar en su servidor fui baneado por desobedecer una simple regla 
nunca me imagine que esa regla pues mi ingles no es Bueno por eso no sabia q pasaba tenia muscia alta avia me decia pero no lo escuche 
ah hora ya se las reglas espero que me desbanien muchas grasias por su tiempo.

hello guys I am lobo714 from xfg we love playin in your server we just  ones a week I was banned for not abeing one rule I never knew that  there was that rule no attack  transport choppers or boats anyway I was warn many times but I don't speak English that good so I  didn't understand what was going on avia was telling me but I was listening music with so I couldn't heard him now Im pretty sure I do know most of your rules. thanks for your time