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Full Version: Why banned?
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When I tried to join the server to let you know I have posted a comment in the Battlefield 2 forum it says I have been "Banned for excessive team killing".  Interesting seeings how I do not remember the last time I tk'd anyone on your server.  Can you check it out please?r.  Please unban me.yone on your server.  Please unban me.
yeah I sent you a PM regarding this. 

System banned you for 'potty-mouth'. Funny, as in all the years we've played together I have never heard you swear... WTF?

Anyways, we have a list of words which will trigger an auto-ban for language. The "C"-word tops that list! I know you were frustrated with that BRANDONMARTIN or some other rule breaker. Please find the time to review that list so you don't get banned again.  I can't find you ban on the banlist, but I see it in the server logs. I'll lift it when I see it unless someone else does it first.

BTW, =SWE=BrandonMARTIN or whatever his name is. Just be patient. We have BR running and he is a suspected cheater. We'll get him so relax...    Smile
Please also see the entire list of "AUTO BAN" words here... http://raging-angels.com/showthread.php?...anned+word