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Full Version: Knock Knock
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who cares

no one cares

no one posting
Damm my grammer sucks.
yes your grammer sucks and so does your playing BF2.
WTF no. I can kill all you bitches when your on my team,
Anyone elyse, please start posting so this retard will stop. Say anything, talk about my grandma just get the forms going.
This guy seems retarded...
Yeah dude he speak to himself... maybe... hey dude can we help you?
BoB don't be the slut you are and help me to grow up! BoB gimme your fucking hand!
Ok, ok, calm down! i'll turn you on! I just wanted to help a poor lost guy...
Did you ask me to help him? hmm?
Fuck you BoB boy I don't need to ask you anything to do it! I'm not like that!
Ok BoB girl, we break up and this time its real! No sex for one hour try to survive bitch!
Ahahaha I got Kevin so drop dead BoB boy
Who's there?
I worry about you guys sometimes...
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