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Full Version: Ban Appeal
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what was the date and time yu were banned?

cca 05,07,2019 I don't know the exact date

What is yr ingame name?


who do you think banned you?

eny admin?

what where you doing?

i think baserape or teamkilling
You were banned on May 7 by Boss Warrior for not following rules. I have a couple of questions for you as we consider your request.

1) Why did you come into the server and break rules which you know we have?

2) What will you do differently in the future?

We will not allow or tolerate players who ignore our rules, or are disruptive to others on the server.
I play on your server because a good map and chill players i play just for fun i don't have to have a top score ... yes i occasionally break the rule but just for fun, i don't want to repeatedly violate the rules ... i'm sorry .. i will try to respect and follow the rules ...
(sry4me english)

I'm sorry ... I'll fix the errors in the future.

I like relaxing game and relax with Bf2 .. I will try not to disturb Wink peace
We will get back to you soon.
thank yu))

Be aware that our server is here for ALL players to have fun. By conducting yourself in the manner you did - killing team mates, ramming with air vehicles, and being disruptive to other players - may have been fun for you, but it deprives other players of having fun themselves. This type of behavior will not be allowed on this server. In the future, if you continue this type of activity, you will banned permanently.

BAN REMOVED! Please follow our rules, and HAVE FUN!!