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Full Version: Excessive Rule Breaking
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Player Mikewritesfic was excessively breaking rules, putting tanks in front of moving jets, shooting team mates. I have been noticing a lot more of this activity with other players lately. I ended up kicking him. Lets hope he learned.
No one cares Kevin
This guy should be ban for couple weeks cause he's always breaking the rules at anytime... Many players complain and I saw him many time doing the same... A Kick only stop him for hours or a day...
I concur
jeffey ;28789 Wrote:I concur

no one cares Jeff
jeffey;28782 Wrote:No one cares Kevin

Gosh No one Cares

Hey Kevin Knock Knock.
I dooooo Not Care! I prefer to not to...Smile
Ad I apologize for all the rules I have broken....But I DON"T care!....Smile
kevin ;28794 Wrote:WHO CARES LOL

No No!!! Ever see trailer park boys???? Well..........

nmcb17;28798 Wrote:No No!!! Ever see trailer park boys???? Well..........


Now that's funny, right thar! ( In my best Southern Drawl)
Trailer park boys is coming out with a 3rd movie!

Fuck off Lahey!!!
Hey Lahey! Knock Knock.... FUCK OFF! Man that show is funny! I have been watching them. I am on season 2 right now.
I recently watched every season of the show and both movies, trailer park boys is the funniest shit i've seen in awhile
It's on netflix.

There goes my week.