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Full Version: Ban Appeal
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What was the date and time you were banned?

No clue. But i was last seen on this server on, Jul 21, 2019. according to GameTrackers

What is your ingame name?


Who do you think banned you?

No clue.

What were you doing?


I really have no clue why i was banned from this server, i sure hope that this was an error, and that it can be fixed
You were banned by Ricko276, for suspicious activity such as possibly using a macro or hack. However, it was not definitive. Be aware that use of macros and auto-clicker devices is not allowed on this server. If we see it, we will ban you. It is an unfair advantage, and will not be tolerated. Your Ban is removed.
I do appreciate @rick816, for your immediate response in removing this incorrect ban.

I want to note when i play i don't use any devices, such as macro and/or auto-clickers.

Thank you, Agent.Blue