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Full Version: Ban Appeal
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Ban Appeal

What was the date and time you were banned?


6pm Eastern

What is your ingame name?


Who do you think banned you?


What were you doing?

Attacking him...when he flew back to the uncap and repaired. It was my understanding that ONCE an aircraft is UP, its fair game. I'm assuming that he banned me cause I attacked him when he returned for repairs? Is this some new rule that I have to back off when he gets to the uncap?

I dont know...enlighten me please.

What server were you banned from?

A. Dalian Plant
You attacked me while I was over the pad repairing. Then dropped bombs on me in the uncap while I was sitting on the ground and in the process of warning you. Then you came back and shot my chopper on the ground in the uncap with your nose gun killing me. You were then subsequently kicked.

When you returned, you once again proceeded to shoot at me while I was repairing on the pad in the uncap. You play in our server enough and you know the rules. You are one of the first to complain when someone is breaking the rules. Ban appeal Denied.



shortcut: PAD


A. You must wait for a chopper to be AT LEAST off the pad and in flight before aircraft can engage them. Fishing is NOT allowed. Fishing = circling a chopper pad waiting for take off to attack enemy choppers, and the PAD warning will apply.

B. Attack helos are only safe when repairing over one of the Uncap pads.

C. Jet to chopper pad raping is no longer allowed.

D. You are not allowed to kill a chopper on the Reactor/Main Chopper pad (aircraft) even if they're stealing the chopper.

E. Defending your uncap is an Exemption of this rule.
This is a one week ban and will be lifted on Sunday night. You may come back into the server again provided you follow the rules that you already know. But please take this time to refresh youself with ALL the rules. They can be found here.... http://raging-angels.com/forum/informati...05-04-2011
Ok, finally had some time to respond to this.

I appreciate the fact that I'm allowed back to your server.

First off, I had no idea that when a chopper returns to the uncap pads, that I can NOT attack it. That is complete news to me. I thought the rule was that after the chopper has taken flight, I can engage (That there are NO safe zones after flight.) I was unaware that a chopper can be 'SAFE' by returning to the uncap. I can't tell you how many times I've been killed @ the uncap, while repairing and just thought that it was fine. I've heard several admins say "Wheels off the ground" meaning once that jet/chop has taken off, its fair game.

B. Attack helos are only safe when repairing over one of the Uncap pads.

When did this rule come into effect?

2nd, You immediately kicked me when I bombed you @ the uncap. Thats my bad for doing that. I play on 3 servers and 2 of them that is ok. So I made an error, forgetting what server I was on and forgetting that you were at an uncap pad and there is NO bombing within the uncap. I'm sure you understand. Its not an excuse, its just the plain old truth.

3rd, If you want to paint me with that brush Boss...then so be it, but I don't fucking complain when someone is breaking YOUR server rules. I simply tell you about it with " !r player offense " If you guys get to it, great. But I'm fully aware you guys are hardcore BF2 players, some of the best grounders and chopperers in the game. That's why I love to play against you guys! I've never treated you guys like you are my personal admins, nor do I expect special treatment as I feel I'm a 'friend' to R|A. I report asshats that don't even do shit to me. I look out for fellow teammates. When you guys need info on a player I'm the first to stop playing and help you guys out. I switch teams when one team is dominating to help keep the server populated. I go above and beyond to be R|A's friend, if you guys feel otherwise, then speak up....

For all those reasons, you should of taken the time to simply explain what I was doing wrong. All I saw was the typical "NO PAD" warning and you typed out "Dj is shooting me at the uncap" I believe is what you typed out before the kick. To be honest I was in shock. I was about to ask you what rule I was breaking, but you just kicked me for the second attack. The warning didn't show up until I was already starting to attack you @ the uncap for my 2nd pass. I was scratching my head trying to figure it out. When I returned I STILL didn't know what rule I had broken. And to be frank, I wanted to kill you even more because I thought you were abusing your admin rights.

So now that I've said my peace...when Boss_Warrior runs back to the Chinese Uncap in fear of me shooting him down again...where do I have to back off? I assume the Fencing...

and @ the U.S. carrier, where do I have to back off?

Because lets just put it out there...I was banned by Boss_Warrior because he doesnt like me and he got me on a rule I wasn't aware of. I think you all know that I wouldn't break a rule on your server by killing an admin knowingly.

Lastly, I never break your rules...even when there is no admin present on your server. I respect your server by following the rules and holding others accountable for whatever rules they are breaking.

Take care.

The DjB
Hi, DJ...I am glad you are back on the server, and I am disappointed that we failed as admins to make sure players understand all of our rules. We try. They do scroll. The return to the uncap to hover and REPAIR over a pad has been in force for as long as I have been playing. You can follow and engage unless the chopper is over one of the pads in Chinese uncap, or over the carrier. "Wheels up" refers to jets over runways, and choppers over the pads at the flags.

I have always thought you have honored our rules, and our intent to keep it fair and balanced. Mistakes do happen. Just ask anyone I have rammed...and there are plenty. I appreciate that you switch teams when teams get unbalanced, in numbers and/or quality of player. So, WELCOME BACK....and come kill me all you can....
He knows not to bomb the uncap. He is just a troublesome player in general.
jeffey;n49966 Wrote:He knows not to bomb the uncap. He is just a troublesome player in general.

I am inclined to agree with Jeffrey. You are a troublesome player and deserve nothing but the utmost contempt from everyone around you.

You can't please everyone all the time...

Thanks Rick, Will do! [=

As for the rule I understand it now, and you'll never catch me breaking it again.
I hope you understand that there were THREE RULES BROKEN IN THAT SPAN. 1. Shooting a chopper repairing over the pad in the uncap TWICE. 2. Dropping bombs on the uncap. 3. Shooting a grounded chopper in the uncap with a Jet.

Do you understand ALL OF THESE RULES now, or is there something else I need to explain to you?
I don't break your rules intentionally and you KNOW this man.....but yes I understand all 3. I coped to the bombing and told you why I did it by accident. #1 & #3 I knew nothing about.

To be safe I won't go near your uncap when you run back to it....