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Battlelog Shutting Down Completely - Boss_Warrior - 11-06-2017

Just spoke to some other BF2 players and they informed me that Battlelog will be shutting EVERYTHING down on November 17th. This will be the end and they will be gone completely. Everybody that has a server needs to move over to the HUB and be logged on there, or they will no longer be recognized.

All players will need to download the HUB log in app and install it on their computer in order to get onto any existing servers that are hosted on the HUB. You will not be able to use the Battlelog/Revive launcher to see the servers any more. If you haven't done so already, you need to do this NOW.

I recommend the following in order to get your old EA stats back. (That is assuming you backed them up to the HUB when EA originally shut down). If you have your old EA games CD -Key, I HIGHLY recommend you change your number back to that and DO NOT USE the Battlog/Revive number if you changed to one. Your conversion will be easier and you will get your old stats back. If you are uncomfortable changing back or don't know how, you might want to just re-install the game altogether. (instructions below to change your CD-Key back manually)

Once you have your old CD -Key changed, you can download the HUB launcher from HERE and install it. https://www.bf2hub.com/home/downloads.php
If you have questions about the HUB, you can go to here. https://www.bf2hub.com/home/support.php

Once you have installed the HUB launcher, just go in to Battlefield 2 the way you did when it was with EA, and log in. You need your old account name and log in passwords to get your old accounts back. Any progress you made with Battlelog will NOT BE RECOGNIZED. You will be right where you left off with EA when Gamespy shut down. You can create new accounts if you don't have your old log in information or can't remember them.

Below is how to manually change your CD-Key

I know that battlelog had a CD-Key changer you can use if you can find it or someone can post a download link to it. If not....

If you have your old CD -Key and want to manually change it back, you need to do the following. (BE ADVISED YOU DO THIS AT YOUR OWN RISK)
You have to manually change the key in the registry with registry editor.
Click on Start and Run and type "regedit" without the quotes (with win7 or greater, just type it in the box) and hit enter.

Before you start, you need to do a registry backup for safety purposes.
Once you launched the Registry Editor, Click on "File" and click on "Export" and save a copy somewhere where you can find it again if needed or in case you mess something up. Try to follow the instructions so you won't edit the wrong thing.

You will want to double click on the following sections one at a time to get to where you need to be.

Electronic Arts
EA Games
Battlefield 2

Once you are at ergc, go over to the right panel and double click on "Default"

This is where you will type in your old CD-Key.
(Note the revive numbers always started with RVIE, so if you don't see that at the beginning just after the first 5 characters, you still have the old CD-Key and don't need to change it.)

Arrow over PAST THE FIRST 5 CHARCTERS. That is where your CD-Key starts.
Type it in EXACTLY AS YOU SEE IT ON YOUR BOOK WITH THE HYPHENS USING ALL UPPER CASE starting with the 6th character. Or change 4 charcters at a time as needed.

Once you have finished entering your old CD-Key, click on OK and close out of the registry editor.

Now you have completed your CD-Key change back to the old CD-Key.

Post any questions below and I will try to respond.


RE: Battlelog Shutting Down Completely - Ricko276 - 11-08-2017

wow, what a detailed and informative post! Great job, Boss_Warrior!!

I hope people take the time to read it before they run into problems Smile

RE: Battlelog Shutting Down Completely - EddieSow - 12-16-2017

That sucks. I can't believe they shut it down just like that. Is BF2Hub working well?

RE: Battlelog Shutting Down Completely - rick816 - 12-16-2017

yes, it is. It is great.