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raging angels member - chocanosuncion - 11-26-2017

¿De qué estado o país eres?


¿Cuál es tu nombre de jugador BF2 o BF3 en el juego?


¿Cuantos años tienes?


¿Cuál es tu nombre de usuario de xfire?

yo no uso xfire 

¿Cuál es tu primer nombre?

Jesús Joel

¿Podrás donar?

No tengo tarjeta de credito Sad 

¿De qué otros clanes has formado parte?

[SFRC] [xXx]

¿Por qué quieres convertirte en un miembro * R | A *?

porque me encanta jugar al campo de batalla 2 y me gustaría jugar contigo

¿Tienes algún pbbans anterior?


RE: raging angels member - Boss_Warrior - 11-27-2017


What state or country are you from?


What is your player name BF2 or BF3 in the game?


How old are you?


What is your xfire username?

I do not use xfire

What is your first name?

Jesus Joel

Can you donate?

I do not have a credit card Sad

What other clans have you been part of?

[SFRC] [xXx]

Why do you want to become a member * R | TO *?

because I love to play battlefield 2 and I would like to play with you

Do you have any previous pbbans?


RE: raging angels member - Corona - 11-27-2017

Does he not speak English? Because that's a problem.

RE: raging angels member - rick816 - 11-27-2017

We are in the process of finding that out from him. Boss and I both agree on that being a real problem to membership.

RE: raging angels member - Boss_Warrior - 11-28-2017

Lo siento, Chocanosuncion, ya que no puede hablar inglés, vamos a tener que denegar su solicitud de membresía en este momento. Operamos un servidor de habla inglesa y se espera que los miembros se comuniquen en consecuencia. También desde que decidiste mostrar tu inmadurez parándome frente a mí y el equipo matándome, no creemos que serías un miembro en quien pudiéramos confiar. Siéntase libre de jugar en nuestro servidor, pero tenga en cuenta las reglas mientras se desplazan. Si lo necesita, puede copiarlos y traducirlos según sea necesario, pero no poder hablar nuestro idioma no es una respuesta aceptable a las reglas de incumplimiento en nuestro servidor. La mejor de las suertes.

Solicitud denegada

RE: raging angels member - Ricko276 - 11-28-2017

Hey Guys! So I have played bf2 with this guy on the SFRCLATINAAIRMAP server run by a GENCUBANBIG (real nice guy). I did not like the server or the clan members in general because (although GENCUBANBIG is a nice guy who loves bf2...) No one followed the rules!! not even their own admin!! They were some of the dirtiest players I have ever seen grouped together in one server. Not really sure why that was. Did they all not speak the same language? Nearly all of them were Latin American/Central/South American. The rules just did not seem to matter at all. Enforcement was something I never saw only heard about. Not saying they are 'bad people'. I think many of them had slow PCs and none that I 'spoke' to had a gaming mouse. I tried to teach a couple to fly and use the TV and those 2 were good guys. Then they went on to teach others Smile

So chocanosuncion is a player I recall. He was NOT one of the dirty players... I am not certain about his age. 14 seems a little too young. I did not know him 'that well'.

Sunday he was in the server wearing [xXx] tags. 2 'real [xXx] ' players were in telling him to remove the tags. He ignored them. I stayed out of it until they were done. Then I asked him if he was in the [xXx] clan. He told me 'No'. I asked him why he had their tags on? He said 'why not..?" Then he asked if he could join *R|A*. I told him to come to the site and apply. (sorry...) He apparently did so right away. When he came back [xXx]Desdicado was in and promptly told him to remove the tags. I asked 'D' if the guy was in their clan he said "No". I told CHOCA he should remove the tags. He asked 'WHY?" I said that he was 'BAD'. He DC'd right then and came back in 3 minutes with his SFRC tags on. So maybe he really is a kid looking for a BF2 clan. I knw SFRC has moved into BF2BadCompany2.

Well he certainly ain't a hack. I'd ask JSLICKMAC or Desdicado about his membership in their clan. He may have been in and gotten booted... I would decline his application at this time, encourage him to join in the server and learn the rules and let us observe him for a few weeks (to several years lol) and re-visit his application after we get a chance to 'know' him. Remind him to not take it personal, but we want to ensure he understands and can follow our rules. I mean we did just survive hellidude's application process Smile I do not want to discourage anyone who seems so motivated to be a clan member and play bf2. However, we don't want to approve just anyone.

He did come to the site and figure out where and how to apply. Who knows, he may turn out to a great member of the clan. I think he knows a 'little bit' more English than we may think even though its still not a lot. I am willing to bet he can use google translator at least. I will send GENCUBAN a message on discord or FB. We'll see if he responds in time to help.