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MAPS ROTATION - helidude2 - 01-12-2018

Hey guys,

a considerable number of players ask me why R/A server do not rotate maps , most of them would like to play at dragon Valley too.
in my opinion would be a nice try and we have nothing to lose .
what do you guys think about this possibility ...?


RE: MAPS ROTATION - rick816 - 01-13-2018

Hey Heli, a couple of years ago we did use a rotation. Personally, I found the particular map you mention as a one sided map. Once the US gets the airfield, it is game over. However, there are other maps I MIGHT consider, but that depends on what the group wants. What do you folks say?

RE: MAPS ROTATION - Ricko276 - 01-13-2018

I like Dalian Plant followed by Dalian Plant. Then repeat as time allows! lol

A lot of players have been joining us due to *R|A* being the only active server where they ping well. As Rick816 said many of these maps are one sided. I would suggest Daqing Oilfields. It is a bit 'gloomy' but it has the jets and choppers we like so much and for the ground-pounders there are plenty of mobile AA and fixed AA sites for an added challenge. A little communication and they can make things VERY interesting for enemy pilots Smile

I have seen dragon valley set where the 'refinery' flag in uncappable. Probably not a ranked server though.

I also don't think we would want to add a map like Wake as there is already a 24/7 Wake server. WAR West has a rotation of good maps, but they are dead much of the time these days. I think they run like 4 maps. Another server runs the Dragon Valley map 24/7.

Dalian is the best map in bf2 for players like you (hellidude) and I. Daqing being 2nd. *R|A* made a great decision when they chose Dalian. Lately we have been the only active server much of the time.

You can't please everyone and these players will come and go as they please... Not sure we would want to change *R|A* too much for players that don't really care about the server and the clan.

If there is another map that offers ground-pounders an opportunity to counter air threats as much as Daqing Oilfields please let me know Smile