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Ban Appeal - [NSZ]Rafal_tbg - 08-23-2018

What was the date and time you were banned?

23.08.2018, about 11.30 pm (CET)

What is your ingame name?


Who do you think banned you?

propably Dufus_2

What were you doing?

He claimed that im cheater. Omg WTF? I play in chopper since 2008. I spotted him and i killed him. Many members in yours clan knows me I will be obliged if somebody unban me. Sorry for my bad english.

RE: Ban Appeal - Boss_Warrior - 08-24-2018


I caught you name tagging. We were playing 1 on 1 and I had 4 flags to spawn from. You knew exactly where I spawned and even while on foot and never firing a shot, you were able to find me instantly and kill me while hiding from you in the trees and elsewhere. I tried several different ways to avoid you and you always knew right where I was all the time you were flying in a chopper. Even when I got in a jet and approached you from the south, you were turned right at me when I hadn't even fired a shot. Now I understand understand coincidences, but that was just a little too many for me to take. You were able to locate me way too easy without any help. I understand spotting, but not when I have 4 flags to spawn at and you knew instantly which one I went to. The other player that was AFK was giving me comments as he was ghosting you because you did the same thing to him before I arrived.

Ya see, I did my homework on this one prior to responding, so I have some backup. I suggest you go play on another server as we don't allow hackers here.

aka. kacper_pl
aka. Rafal0686

Unban request DENIED.


RE: Ban Appeal - Corona - 08-24-2018


Those were just the ones I found on the first page of the MBI. I am too lazy to find the rest.

RE: Ban Appeal - [NSZ]Rafal_tbg - 08-24-2018

Boss, sorry but how dare you accuse me cheating? You always respawn in same place. I think that i using tagging? Sry men but you are funny. Strangle that when i played aganist PYM THE HUNTER or HELLIDUDE2 duel was aligned. If I use tagging I would be much better than them. Ask them if you can. I'm sorry about that you named me cheater. You are admin and okay, you're right, all. Look at youtube and find 2v2 dalian plant, maybe then you will understand that players 2v2 not using any cheat.
I greetings you and all clan R|A. Nice meeting you all R|A.

OMG people !!!
Im Rafal_tbg tag [NSZ], not Rafal0686.

Corona are you kidding me?

RE: Ban Appeal - Boss_Warrior - 08-24-2018

That is what I found Corona. I was able to find a lot more also, so you just saw what I was looking at.

RE: Ban Appeal - Boss_Warrior - 08-24-2018

Oh and by the way Rafal, the only videos I found with you were where people were accusing you of HACKING.

RE: Ban Appeal - [NSZ]Rafal_tbg - 08-24-2018

Dude I repeat Im Rafal_tbg tag [NSZ], not Rafal0686. Who`s Rafal0686. Well check do not blame me.

RE: Ban Appeal - [NSZ]Rafal_tbg - 08-25-2018

You still claim that Im Rafal0686? Ask pls.

RE: Ban Appeal - rick816 - 08-25-2018

We have reviewed your user name, and the place of origin of your IP address, and they match. Your ban appeal is denied.