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unbanned pls - lobo714 - 01-26-2019

Hola soy Lobo714 de cfg fui baneado en su servidor por Ricko el trato de avisarme de que la estaba regando con una de sus reglas.
pues mi ingles no es muy bueno entoces ya que pedi ayuda fue demasiado tarde ya estaba  baneado... todo por una sensilla regla de no atacar alos trasnportes  helicopters y lanchas.
ah hora me quedo muy claro que son sus reglas espero ser desbaneado muchas gracias


RE: unbanned pls - Ricko276 - 01-26-2019

Hola Lobo714, one of us is gonna have to use google translator.  I have had good games with you in the server in the past. Not sure why you chose to violate several server rules last week. =xFg= has been welcome here. Until last weekend. =xFg=cassill and aviato|2 were very rude after you were finally banned. aviato|2 also broke server rules!  (recorded)

Hi, I'm Lobo714 from cfg. I was banned from your server by Ricko. He tried to tell me that he was watering her with one of his rules.
Well my English is not very good then because I asked for help it was too late I was already banned ... all for one sensilla rule not to attack the helicopters and boats.
ah, I am very clear that your rules are waiting to be unbalanced thank you very much

This 'hyper-abbreviated' version of events is not good. We want to know that you understand what you did that resulted in a ban and that you won't do it in the future.

OK, to be clear you broke !s stay/!s pad/!s black. You violated them more than once as you were warned more than twice, kicked, then warned again and banned after the Black violation. aviato|2 even asked me what was gonna happen to you if you kept breaking the rules. You were warned that many times. He asked me right after you were kicked. I told him your actions would result in a ban. You guys are all in squad together he was expected to tell you. This happened over the course of approximately 15-20 minutes. 

*R|A* raging-angels is an English speaking server. Although we try to assist non-English speaking players the ultimate responsibility to follow our rules rests with each individual player. If you asked for help I may not have seen it. If you asked for help in Spanish I guess I wouldn't know that would I...?

We want all who wish to play BF2 to visit our server and have fun. When players expect rules to be followed and they are not, the game is less fun. I certainly do not want to spend my game time having to deal with rule breakers. I would much rather focus on playing bf2. 

ALL WE ASK OF YOU is to please read and follow our server rules. EVERYONE who plays in our server must do so. We can not have players allowed to break the rules while others may not. 

I (we) need to know that you actually understand our server rules and agree to follow them. We all can make a mistake from time to time. We understand that too.

RE: unbanned pls - lobo714 - 01-27-2019

unbanned me please i have not idea about that rule please...i love play in ragin angels server

RE: unbanned pls - Ricko276 - 01-27-2019

GOOGLE TRANSLATOR if you need it. copy paste text. Its really that easy!

it is not "THAT' rule. There were at least 3 rules you violated.  I will however unban you right now as in the past you have not been a problem.

Just be aware that it is YOUR responsibility to read/understand and follow the server rules. That goes for EVERYONE who plays on our server. INCLUDING ME. If you continue to break our server rules after your ban is lifted you will simply be banned again for a much longer time period. 

-*R|A* Ricko276

by the time you read this your ban will have been lifted