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INTRO/BIO - CigarPimp - 07-01-2019

Yo Guys,

Thought I would post a few pics with my introduction. My player nick name is, CigarPimp. Some of you I've have known me for a few years.

[Image: cigarpimp_nica01.jpg]
In Nicaragua playing in the PGA - Latino American ProAM.

[Image: cigarpimp_nica02.jpg]
In Nicaragua enjoying a very nice Joya De Nicaragua-Gran Reserva.

[Image: cigarpimp_buring01.jpg]
In my back yard burning one…

[Image: cigarpimp_orleans01.jpg]
My usual trip to New Orleans.

BTW, as of today I've been retired 11 years from architecture with 22 years of pure enjoyment and no regrets.

RE: INTRO/BIO - Ricko276 - 07-02-2019

I have come to know this man pretty darn good over the last couple years. Then I realized I've actually known him longer than that but under a different name. Scotch drinking and cigar smoking LOL I like that runs the FTA servers and several others in different games. Super super nice guy never heard him swear once yet LOL

RE: INTRO/BIO - CigarPimp - 07-02-2019

Yo Ricko,

Thanks for compliments and yes we've know each for several years. Funny how life connects people.

BTW, you're probably right I haven't used profanity that I know of, maybe I should start. Lol