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coved_terminator has got to go - MagicMatt223 - 07-05-2020

The past week or two I've been seeing COVED_TERMINATOR on the server most days, and he blatantly and deliberately breaks the rules, especially if you kill him.   In the past hour he has not stopped ramming me with the jet, attacking pad with jet, attacking uncap with jet, commanding with <5 active per side, flying jet while commanding, artying the uncap, and incredibly inappropriate homophobic language hurled as insults.   Just go read the logs from the last hour or so, it's getting out of hand.    

Requesting a full ban for this ahole please!

While we're at it, also GermanSitowxs. He has been doing the same exact thing. It's almost like COVED called his buddy to come and just ram people on the carrier, etc.

Really need some admin right now.

RE: coved_terminator has got to go - Corona - 07-05-2020

Quote:8  MagicMatt223 2 Global [14:17:34] jlmao
7  COVED_TERMINATOR 1 Global [14:17:39] *§1DEAD§0*cool cheat
7  COVED_TERMINATOR 1 Global [14:18:53] *§1DEAD§0*blow me
8  MagicMatt223 2 Global [14:19:06] ALSO RAMMING IS ILLEGAL
7  COVED_TERMINATOR 1 Global [14:19:24] i ran out of fux to give
8  MagicMatt223 2 Global [14:19:44] ok so free for all?  no rules?  ok
8  MagicMatt223 2 Global [14:19:46] good luck
8  MagicMatt223 2 Global [14:19:58] lmao
7  COVED_TERMINATOR 1 Global [14:20:06] *§1DEAD§0*nice hack faggot
8  MagicMatt223 2 Global [14:22:57] boy you suck
7  COVED_TERMINATOR 1 Global [14:23:14] *§1DEAD§0*eeat me faggot
8  MagicMatt223 2 Global [14:23:39] sounds like you're the fag if y ou want me to eat you
8  MagicMatt223 2 Global [14:24:09] lol buhbye
7  COVED_TERMINATOR 1 Global [14:30:05] lololol
8  MagicMatt223 2 Global [14:44:23] hey at least you tried
10  Forest12036br 1 Global [14:53:32] 1vs4
11 *R|A* PYM*THEHUNTER* 2 Global [14:53:57] !k hunt3r idle
-1 Admin None ServerMessage [14:53:58] KICKING!!! HUNT3R therootheroock for Being Idle!
11 *R|A* PYM*THEHUNTER* 2 Global [14:54:08] !k matt idle
-1 Admin None ServerMessage [14:54:12] KICKING!!!  MagicMatt223 for Being Idle!
11 *R|A* PYM*THEHUNTER* 2 Global [14:54:37] i'll switch
11 *R|A* PYM*THEHUNTER* 1 Global [14:59:11] *§1MORT§0*!w coved ram
11 *R|A* PYM*THEHUNTER* 1 Team [14:59:33] HUD_TEXT_CHAT_TEAM!w terminator ram
11 *R|A* PYM*THEHUNTER* 1 Global [15:04:20] !s base
-1 Admin None ServerMessage [15:04:21] Do Not attack UNCAPS with AIR ATTACK VEHICLES.  Nose gun and TV Missiles may be used on AA emplacement ONLY!!
11 *R|A* PYM*THEHUNTER* 1 Global [15:04:25] !w forest base
-1 Admin None ServerMessage [15:04:26] WARNING!!!  Forest12036br Do Not attack UNCAPS with AIR ATTACK VEHICLES.  Nose gun and TV Missiles may be used on AA emplacement ONLY!!
11 *R|A* PYM*THEHUNTER* 1 Global [15:07:20] And he bailed lol
11 *R|A* PYM*THEHUNTER* 1 Global [15:08:37] LMAO
11 *R|A* PYM*THEHUNTER* 1 Global [15:09:10] Hope you'll enjoy bailing alone
7  COVED_TERMINATOR 1 Global [15:10:14] *§1DEAD§0*faggot
This was from 7/3/20 and it's the only chat log I could find with his alias in it, although I only went back 7 days.

RE: coved_terminator has got to go - Corona - 07-05-2020

The clan admins will have to have a confab on how to handle the homophobic language. Strictly speaking, only racist language is banned from our servers but really any type of targeted derogatory language is not allowed, especially if it is constant and becomes a disruption to the server. We'll get a back to you on that.

As for the actual rule breaking, no action can be taken without proof. If you have a screenshot or a link to specific BattleRecorder file, we would be happy to look it over.

RE: coved_terminator has got to go - rick816 - 07-06-2020

Matt, the next time he is on, email me through the forum and I will try to catch him.