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BATTLELOGS AIRPORT MAP - Detroit-IRON - 01-25-2015

RBF2 Has ANEW Map “AIRPORT” That’s INCLUDED When You Install There Battlelog Launcher. Curious If Anyone’s Played it?

The Downside Is You Can ONLY Log-In To The Server Using The Battlelog Launcher To Play The Map

NOT The Hubs “BF2HUB Client” NETWORK SWITCHER . ....To See It In The Map Lists.

BATTLELOGS AIRPORT MAP - rick816 - 01-26-2015

I have played it, but not enough to say I like it, or do not like it. It is not terrible.

BATTLELOGS AIRPORT MAP - Wolfman_65 - 01-26-2015

Same here, like Rick said, dont know if i like it or not !!