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NEW SERVER COMING - rick816 - 02-24-2021

As you know, squad speak has not worked since we moved to this server.  FRAGNET has tried everything they know to get this fixed, and failed.  So, they are moving us to a new server in the next few days.  When I have the new IP information, I will post it here.


RE: NEW SERVER COMING - Boss_Warrior - 02-24-2021

Don't ya know, they'll royally screw that up too! It's always something. Now we have to re-do everything AGAIN.

RE: NEW SERVER COMING - rick816 - 02-24-2021

Well, Boss, that is one way to look at it. LOLOL Not a wrong way, just one way!!

RE: NEW SERVER COMING - Corona - 02-24-2021

It's amazing to me that they still run the server for us. BF2 is not a game they offer on the website, so I think they are making a special exception for us.

RE: NEW SERVER COMING - Boss_Warrior - 02-25-2021

I honestly think they are making an exception just because we have been paying the bill. They will do anything not to lose a paying customer. We really don't cost them anything. Our bandwidth use is minimal compared to all the other games. Its like those little nats that fly around your face. We will probably be ok as long as we don't fly up their nose on into their eye! LOL.

P.S. Has anybody heard from Detroit? Its been about 3 months since I heard from him.

RE: NEW SERVER COMING - rick816 - 02-25-2021

I have not heard anything from him in a long time...longer than 3 months. I have sent him an email or two, and no reply. His facebook page is active, but no changes or posts in a while.

As for the server, we are not getting a new one. They are simply stopping the server for a period while they copy all the files and put them on another machine for testing. they are stumped as to why the VoIP is not working.

RE: NEW SERVER COMING - Corona - 02-26-2021

Detroit hasn't logged into this forum since 04-24-2020. I was really getting worried about him due to.. you know..

RE: NEW SERVER COMING - Dourmax - 02-26-2021

I might have seen him but just like 2 months ago in a server, don't know what happend to him..hope he's fine

RE: NEW SERVER COMING - Mooney - 02-26-2021

Last I heard his son opened a restaurant and I think he moved there to help out.

RE: NEW SERVER COMING - rick816 - 02-27-2021

The restaurant was doing really well, according to Detroit the last I spoke with him. He had moved to a new house, and was getting the ISP connection installed, setting up his rig, etc. But he never has come in, and I haven't heard anything more from him. That has been, maybe, 9 or 10 months.