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SCRIMM with DCG? - rick816 - 03-01-2021

Ricko would like to get a clan scrimm.  Any of you up for kicking some ass over there?

RE: SCRIMM with DCG? - Boss_Warrior - 03-02-2021

All depends on what day. If it is a weekend, you might get players, but I probably won't be able to for a while now that it's spring. Many things to do on the weekend. If I'm not spending the weekend going to Baseball tournaments, I'm doing all the things I ignore on the weekends I'm watching baseball.

RE: SCRIMM with DCG? - rick816 - 03-02-2021

I understand that. And guess what? As your children grow, get married, have children, you go to baseball tournaments all over again!! Smile

RE: SCRIMM with DCG? - Corona - 03-04-2021

I'll play if I can find the time, but since nothing has been scheduled yet, I cannot give a definite answer.

RE: SCRIMM with DCG? - rick816 - 03-04-2021

I want to see if we have enough interest before setting a schedule. In general, Sunday afternoons seem to be the preferred time. Around 2:00 PM CT.

RE: SCRIMM with DCG? - Kron - 03-12-2021

Working Sunday, I won't be able to join.